Adobe Captivate 6

Adobe Captivate software helps you rapidly author a wide range of interactive and HTML5-based eLearning content without programming. Easily create application simulations, product demos, drag and drop modules, and soft skills and compliance training materials that meet accessibility standards. Transform Microsoft PowerPoint presentations into attractive eLearning using actors, learning interactions, and quizzes. Publish to the web, desktops, and leading Tin Can, SCORM and AICC compliant LMSs, and deliver to mobile devices, including iPad.

Duration:45 hours
Validity:1 month


Who uses Adobe Captivate?

Corporate training professionals and educators with limited programming capabilities who want to create product demos, application simulations, and soft skill and compliance training. You can repurpose existing PowerPoint content into interactive eLearning experiences, and publish to the web, desktops, mobile devices, and leading LMSs.


Course Details

In this course, author walks through the Captivate 6 interface and the process of building an eLearning project from start to finish.

The course shows how to make a presentation from scratch or with built-in themes, import Photoshop images and PowerPoint slides, and add interest with animation, widgets, and video. It also demonstrates how to prepare for and record a software simulation, synchronize video, add audio, and build quizzes into your project.


Course Overview

Starting with captivate
Learn how to customize the workspace by arranging the elements in a way that suits your requirements. Learn to create movies and projects in Adobe Captivate using various elements, such as, panels, bars, and windows.
Creating a project
You can create an Adobe Captivate project by recording events in an application or screen area on your computer. You will learn the various ways of creating a project in this lesson.
Using objects and elements
In this lesson you will be learning how to import PowerPoint Presentations and Photoshop files. Learn how to include animations and interactive elements and also learn to use widgets and built in Actors.
Creating and using media files
There are a number of different things we can do with audio, like adding sound effects to slides, or to actual objects on a slide, even play sound in the background if we wanted to, and we’re going to look at those scenarios.
Creating assessment
In this lesson you will have a better understanding of the basics of eLearning assessment, set up our first quiz. We will explore partial and negative scoring, use different question types and work with a pretest.
Publishing your project
After you create a project, you publish your project so others can view it. Adobe Captivate contains many publishing options, and you can publish the project in many formats. You will also learn reporting to a Learning Management System (LMS).

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45 hours


1 month



This course is interactive and not taught in real-time. So you can login at your convenience and do your classes and exercises. Our interactive interface offers useful features such as fast forward, rewind, pause and you can even redo a lesson before moving ahead. These features help you track your progress and learn just what you want. Included are project files to allow you to learn right along with the instructor using the exact same files that they use. Each individual lesson has been provided with an eBook and a quiz to test your knowledge of each lesson before you take your final test. In addition to this hands-on learning experience, our trainers will evaluate your course work, clarify questions and give relevant feedback to help you grow