Adobe Flash CC

Adobe Flash Professional CC is an application used by web developers, animators to create rich content for screen and web environments. Flash is widely used to create engaging applications that are rich with video, sound, graphics, and animation. You can create original content in Flash or import assets from other Adobe applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, quickly design animation and multimedia, and use Adobe Actionscript 3.0 to integrate sophisticated interactivity.

Duration:45 hours
Validity:1 month


Who uses Adobe Flash?

Web designers use Flash for creating interactive and animated content for websites and mobile applications. Developers use flash for creating and editing action scripts using the built in coding tools, developing cross platform applications using Adobe Air, debugging and testing applications on Air enabled mobile devices, building applications which can be distributed across various app store eco systems.

Animators use flash for animating characters and objects using sophisticated motion tweens, adding visual effects with various filters and blurs, creating life like environments using the various drawing tools. Graphic designers use Flash Professional to create expressive interactive content with typographic precision. Video editors use Flash Professional to create immersive experiences with live action video footage, still images, sound, and music. Interactive designers use Flash to create immersive interactive web content and experiences.


Course Details

Adobe Flash Professional CC provides a comprehensive authoring environment for creating interactive and media-rich applications. In this course, learn how to use Flash to create engaging projects integrated with video, sound, graphics and animation. You will also learn to create original content in Flash or import assets from other Adobe applications such as Photoshop or Illustrator, quickly design animation and multimedia, and use Adobe Actionscript 3.0 to integrate sophisticated interactivity.

Use Flash Professional to build innovative and immersive websites, to create standalone applications for the desktop, or to create apps to distribute to mobile devises running on the Android or the iOS system.

With extensive controls for animation, intuitive and flexible drawing tools, and a powerful, object-oriented coding language, Flash delivers one of the robust authoring environments that let your imagination become reality.


Course Overview

What’s New in this course?

The lessons in this book provide opportunities to use some of the updated features and improvements in Flash Professional, including:

  • A fresh, modern user interface
  • Working in full-screen mode
  • Distributing symbols and bitmaps to keyframes
  • Swapping multiple symbols or bitmaps
  • A powerful Find and Replace panel
  • Improved Photoshop and Illustrator file import
  • A re-engineered Actions panel
  • Smoother, more responsive drawing and editing
  • Exporting videos with Adobe Media Encoder
  • Resizing the Stage relative to an anchor point
  • An integrated Toolkit for CreateJS, which publishes animation to HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Comprehensive testing tools, such as device testing via USB and SWF analysis with Adobe Scout
  • Synchronizing preferences on multiple machines with Creative Cloud 
Getting Acquainted
In Adobe Flash CC Professional, the Stage is where the action takes place, the Timeline organizes frames and layers and other panels let you edit and control your creation.
Working with Graphics
In this lesson you will learn how to use rectangles, ovals and lines to create interesting complex graphics and illustrations. Also, you will learn to edit their shapes and combine them with gradients, transparencies, text and filters for even greater possibilities.
Creating and Editing Symbols
Symbols are reusable assets that are stored in your Library panel. Learning how to work with symbols is an essential step to creating any animation or interactivity. The movie clip, graphic and button symbols are three types of symbols that you will be creating and using often for special effects, animation and interactivity.
Animating Symbols
Learn how to use Flash Professional to change almost any aspect of an object – position, color, transparency, size, rotation and more, over time. Motion tweening is the basic technique of creating animation with symbol instances.
Animating Shapes and Using Masks
In this lesson, learn how to easily morph (create organic changes in shape), with shape tweens. Masks provide a way to selectively show only parts of a layer. Together, they allow you to add more sophisticated effects to your animations.
Creating Interactive Navigation
As part of this lesson learning, let your viewers explore your project and become active participants. Button symbols and ActionScript work together to create engaging, user-driven, interactive experiences.
Working with Sound and Video
Sound and video add new dimensions to your projects. In this lesson learn how to import sound files and edit them directly in Flash, and use the Adobe Media Encoder to compress and convert video files to use in Flash, or to export Flash animations as videos.
Loading and Displaying External Content
In this lesson, learn how to use ActionScript to load external Flash content. By keeping Flash content modular, you’ll make your projects more manageable and easier to edit.
Using Variables and Controlling Visual Properties
Learn how to use ActionScript to control your graphics on the Stage while your movie is playing. Combine complex mouse interactions with variables to create interfaces that respond dynamically to your user for more immersive environments.
Publishing to HTML5
Learn how to use the Toolkit for CreateJS to publish your Flash art and animation assets to HTML5 and Javascript. The Toolkit for CreateJS enables a seamless and integrated workflow for both designers and developers.
Publishing Flash Documents
By the end of this course, learn how to test and publish your completed Flash project, in a variety of formats for playback on different devices and environments – nearly everywhere with Flash Professional.

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45 hours


1 month



This course is interactive and not taught in real-time. So you can login at your convenience and do your classes and exercises. Our interactive interface offers useful features such as fast forward, rewind, pause and you can even redo a lesson before moving ahead. These features help you track your progress and learn just what you want. Included are project files to allow you to learn right along with the instructor using the exact same files that they use. Each individual lesson has been provided with an eBook and a quiz to test your knowledge of each lesson before you take your final test. In addition to this hands-on learning experience, our trainers will evaluate your course work, clarify questions and give relevant feedback to help you grow