Adobe Flash CS4

Adobe flash is an application used by web developers, animators to create rich content for screen and web environments. Flash is widely used to create engaging applications that are rich with video, sound, graphics, and animation. You can create original content in Flash or import it from other Adobe applications, quickly design simple animations and use Adobe ActionScript 3.0 to develop sophisticated interactive projects.

Duration:45 hours
Validity:1 month


Who uses Adobe Flash?

Web designers use Flash for creating interactive and animated content for websites and mobile applications. Developers use flash for creating and editing action scripts using the built in coding tools, developing cross platform applications using Adobe Air, debugging and testing applications on Air enabled mobile devices, building applications which can be distributed across various App store eco systems.

Animators use flash for animating characters and objects using sophisticated motion tweens, adding visual effects with various filters and blurs, creating life like environments using the various drawing tools. Graphic designers use Flash Professional to create expressive interactive content with typographic precision. Video editors use Flash Professional to create immersive experiences with live action video footage, still images, sound, and music. Interactive designers use Flash to create immersive interactive web content and experiences.


Course Details

In this course, you will learn how to create a full-blown Flash application, complete with animated text and graphics and interactive buttons. You will start by exploring the Flash workspace, creating text and graphics, and animating objects on the Flash movie stage. Next, you will look in detail at the anatomy of a Flash movie how to use the Flash timeline, layers, and frames to control objects and timing on the stage.

For an entire movie in Flash, You will need to import graphics, sounds, and digital videos from other applications. You will learn how to format and embed external digital media and how to make them appear or play at specific times. You will also learn how to control digital media based on specific events, such as end user mouse clicks. You will create interactive buttons with ActionScript 3.0. You will also learn to write scripts that control movie flow and scripts that call to and load external videos, Web pages, and other Flash movie files.


Course Overview

Getting Acquainted
The Flash Professional interface contains a variety of useful panels and other structures that allow you to work effectively within the program. This lesson provides an overview of the most important and useful elements of the application interface.
Working with Graphics
In this lesson you will learn how to draw rectangles, circles, and lines to create a framework for a Flash movie. You will also be learning how to change line and fill properties and how to apply special effects such as drop shadows and gradient fills to the objects you draw.
Creating and Editing Symbols
Learning how to work with symbols is an essential step to creating any animation or interactivity. In this lesson learn how to create and edit symbols.
Adding Animation
In this lesson you will learn how to change almost any aspect of an object like position, color, transparency, size, rotation and also animating 3D motion.
Articulated Motion and Morphing
You can easily create complex motion with articulations like joints between linked objects with a new feature called inverse kinematics. You can also morph and create organic changes in shapes with shape tweens.
Creating Interactive Navigation
In this lesson let your viewers explore your site and become active participants with button symbols and ActionScript work together to create engaging, user-driven, interactive experiences.
Working with Sound and Video
Sound and video add new dimensions to your projects. Learn to Import sound files and edit them directly in Flash, and use the Adobe Media Encoder to compress and convert video files to use in Flash.
Using Components
Reduce your development time and effort by using Flash Professional building blocks for creating rich interactive applications on the web.
Loading and Controlling Flash Content
In this lesson, you will learn how to use ActionScript to load external Flash content by keeping Flash content modular, your projects remain more manageable and easier to edit.
Publishing Flash Documents
By the end of the course, you will know how to create and how to publish Flash movies and applications to the internet and you will be well on your way to becoming a Flash designer.

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45 hours


1 month



This course is interactive and not taught in real-time. So you can login at your convenience and do your classes and exercises. Our interactive interface offers useful features such as fast forward, rewind, pause and you can even redo a lesson before moving ahead. These features help you track your progress and learn just what you want. Included are project files to allow you to learn right along with the instructor using the exact same files that they use. Each individual lesson has been provided with an eBook and a quiz to test your knowledge of each lesson before you take your final test. In addition to this hands-on learning experience, our trainers will evaluate your course work, clarify questions and give relevant feedback to help you grow